Beachwaver B1 Rotating Curling Iron

Beachwaver B1 Rotating Curling Iron in Midnight Rose | 1 inch barrel for all hair types | Automatic curling iron | Easy-to-use curling wand | Long-lasting, salon-quality curls and waves | Dual voltage

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  • Ease of use: The biggest advantage of the Beachwaver B1 is its rotating barrel. Unlike traditional curling irons, which require you to twist your wrist to create curls, the Beachwaver B1 does the rotating for you with the simple press of a button. This makes it ideal for beginners or those who find traditional curling irons difficult to use.O
  • Versatility: The Beachwaver B1 can create a variety of curl types, from tight ringlets to loose waves, depending on how you hold your hair and which direction you rotate the barrel.
  • Time-saving: Because you don’t have to worry about manually rotating the iron, the Beachwaver B1 can help you style your hair in less time.
  • Less damage: The Beachwaver B1 has a ceramic barrel that heats up evenly and helps to reduce frizz. It also has a short clamp which helps to prevent kinks and dents in your hair.
  • Multiple heat settings: The Beachwaver B1 has three heat settings (low, medium, and high) so you can choose the best temperature for your hair type.

Overall, the Beachwaver B1 is a good option for those who want an easy-to-use curling iron that can create a variety of curl types.

Customers Reviews

I have never been able to curl my hair, i have tried the different tools that suck the hair up and it ends in a tangled mess. My friend used this on my hair at a bachelorette party and my hair stayed curled all night!!!! I had to buy one for my self. It’s very easy to use and works great! You can’t beat it for the price!

BEST CURLING IRON EVER! Every curling wand and iron I had always took time to do and it would hurt my arms when i would curl my hair. With the Beachwave B1 it has tooken me half the time or less to curl my hair, the curls turn out amazing and my arms don’t hurt. I recommend this curling iron!

I have used a curling iron with limited success trying to curl my hair. I have very straight and thick hair. I was not sure whether to get the smaller or larger version and went with the smaller. I use about an inch of hair at a time. It’s extremely easy to use and takes about half the time the curling iron did. I have found that the curls actually stay in my hair all day long. I have had the Beachwaver about a month now for reference.

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